Thank You

Thank you for reading & contributing <3

Thank You

Last week we published our 21st interview! I'm so incredibly thankful to all the musicians who have been willing to have honest discussions with us about the consequences of restrictions on live performance and free expression.

Amplifying Dissent - Music For All
An interview series to discuss the personal and cultural consequences of censorship, regulations and restrictions on live performance.

We've talked to artists in Tennessee, Florida, England, Georgia, New Jersey, Maryland, California, Iowa, New York and Texas.

When I started this project, I spent some amount of time trying to find someone else who was doing this sort of work. I checked old music blogs, musicians who had been particularly outspoken or deemed problematic...everywhere...

Certainly a collective of musicians and creatives in the indie & avant-garde space were speaking out?! But I couldn't find any real way of connecting them all.

While I'm still uncertain the best way forward, I feel so much hope after starting this project — by simply uniting incredibly talented people who respect the immense powers music has, we can work together to make a real difference.

While it's disappointing just how drastically the existing music industry has dropped the ball — I'm optimistic as we continue to connect with one another, that we can fill in the gaps to provide support and knowledge.

Thank you all for reading and thank you to all of you who have written!