T-Shirt Printing for Dissidents

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T-Shirt Printing for Dissidents

We recently posted about how to use Printify for on demand t-shirt printing — but what if you want help with your designs or want to print something slightly... controversial? We recommend shirtdotsexy.

Check out their webstore, it's great:

Shirts | Shirtdotsexy

We asked shirtdotsexy a few questions about what they've been up to.

MFA: Are you available for hire for t-shirt design work, custom design screen printing or are you just selling existing designs?

shirtdotsexy: I am definitely available for design/custom jobs. There's a little logistical shit that keeps me from being able to do one-offs or anything like that, but if you need weird shit done, I am your boy.

Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future of dissident art?

Dissident art is the ONLY art with a future.

Anything inoffensive and easily digested is eventually torn apart and absorbed into that monolith of culture or the zeitgeist or whatever retarded word people use to describe that. The abrasive, weird, inscrutable (maybe "bad" is the word) shit gets left alone by people that don't actually love it for what it is.

So true.

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