You Can Make Print on Demand T-Shirts with Printify

Make your own t-shirts!

You Can Make Print on Demand T-Shirts with Printify

Do you want to make t-shirts for your band or project but don't want to ship them yourselves or purchase in bulk? Printing & fulfilling orders with Printify is a super convenient and easy way to test out new designs.

I'd mostly recommend this for wholesome, non-controversial designs as your projects will be outsourced to different vendors and you could potentially hit a snag there.

If you're doing anything that would get you a cease and desist or on a domestic terrorist list, I'd recommend finding a small printer with a focus on free expression and buying in bulk.

More on that later...

Printify is a great way to offer various merch items with minimal setup costs or fulfillment needs. Of course, you're losing some money with this model but if you're just getting started this is a great way to gauge interest and get a store up and running quickly.

Printify Drop Shipping & Printing Service for E-commerce
Sell custom t-shirts, phone cases, and 600+ products with your designs printed on demand. We will handle printing and shipping to your customers.

Printify connects easily to Shopify & WooCommerce, and more I'm sure but these are the only ones I've tried out personally. They also have tons of documentation and videos to help you create print ready t-shirt designs.

Like this one:

How to Get the Best Print Color? RGB vs CMYK – Printify
Before you prepare designs for Printify Mockup Generator, check out RGB vs CMYK and how it affects your print colors. Create and sell custom products.