[August 2022] New Music from GOLDpny, MUSICIAN and The Mammals

Listen to the latest from GOLDpny, Grand Punk Failroad & The Mammals

[August 2022] New Music from GOLDpny, MUSICIAN and The Mammals
Photo by hosein zanbori / Unsplash

Stop complaining about how there's no good counter culture music anymore and check out the latest music from a few of our favorite musicians + revisit their interviews below.

GOLDpny: The Subtle Body

[006] Amplifying Dissent with GOLDPNY
GOLDPNY is leading by example, creating music that pushes boundaries in more ways than one.

Grand Punk Failroad: practice tapes’

[015] Amplifying Dissent with MUSICIAN
We talked to MUSICIAN about avant-garde music, tolerance and live performance

The Mammals: "Make Pretend" & "Natural Immunity"

[003] Amplifying Dissent with Mike Merenda & Ruthy Ungar of The Mammals
This week we talked to Mike Merenda & Ruthy Ungar about live performance, the healing powers of music and their music festival The Hoot.

Dream Machine: "Dreamin' It Over"

[024] Amplifying Dissent with Dream Machine
Dream Machine share some advice on living the dream and saving music from mediocrity.

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