[006] Amplifying Dissent with GOLDPNY

GOLDPNY is leading by example, creating music that pushes boundaries in more ways than one.

[006] Amplifying Dissent with GOLDPNY

This interview is part of a series discussing mandates, restrictions and censorship with musicians and music fans —read more of these interviews here.

GOLDPNY is a Miami, Florida based musician making subversive music with a drum machine, bass, synth, samples and vocals. His WAR EP was one of our favorite releases of 2021, showcasing a delightful blend of aggression with a bold appreciation of aesthetics.

Music For All: What has your experience been with censorship from labels and other musicians?  

GOLDPNY: You know, it's so funny now because of how tired and demoralized everyone is, that thinking back to my "cancellation" almost feels like a dream. It was actually this time last year when I got dropped from my label for tweeting "BLM is extorting their donors." Which about 3 months later was the outcome when the leaders were outed for misusing funds to buy designer clothes and private mansions in Malibu.

But yeah, at the time I tweeted this flippant observation, and then I was blocked from all communication from the label. I didn't even know why they were upset with me or what was happening, but the day before I'd had a conversation about release publicity for an album I was doing under the name "Vampire Disco Club." I remember being shocked when I finally found the reason why from a labelmate who had the inside knowledge. It really derailed me at the time because we had all this press stuff and videos ready to go.

I ended the project because of it and was ousted from my peer group, label, and they were smearing me in the socials as well. But I ended up starting GOLDPNY because of it, and it became this really cool independent venture that led me to what is coming next that really makes it all kind of kismet.

Your photography is also very good. How have you been able to stay inspired artistically lately?

Thank you for saying so! I started learning out of necessity over the summer to promote my EP, WAR. I'm an autodidact to the max so I've just been shooting a lot and using trial and error.

Inspiration finds you working — so I tend to take a blue collar approach with a bourgeois attitude, meaning, I'll work like hell until I hate it and then I drop it completely until my energy restores.

I'm really drawn to the WAR album cover – did you make the artwork yourself?

Thank you, I'm super proud of this EP. I made the artwork, just once again trial and error. I shot myself in my studio and started using apps to distort the picture then spent like two weeks looking at fonts.

Is there any advice you would give other musicians self releasing music?  

Yes, I'd say if you are new, just start releasing it through SoundCloud and Bandcamp and typical digital distro sites, but once you feel like you know your sound, come up with a plan. If you plan too much, you may never feel ready — so just leap before you look, you will find your audience, then you can slow down and refine.

The new gen is so open and hungry for something that isn't Condé Nast approved. To poorly quote Warhol "Just make it and put it out and while they decide if they like it or not, make more."

Thank you for reading!