[Tracks] "American Night" + "Under the Starlight of Infinite Roses" [Notes] Jitsi, Megyn Kelly & the Proper Spelling of Premiere

Two new tracks & some cursory research into new video meeting options for podcast recording.

[Tracks] "American Night" + "Under the Starlight of Infinite Roses" [Notes] Jitsi, Megyn Kelly & the Proper Spelling of Premiere

Another week, another Joseph Arthur track on the books! This week we released American Night, a song Joseph wrote and recorded prior to covid but has proven itself to be even more relevant in 2022.

Last week Joseph released "Under the Starlight of Infinite Roses" a very pretty previously unreleased track from 2018.

I'd like to apologize — you may have noticed a lag in our newly established work-in-progress podcast about works-in-progress, The Knockout, and that would be entirely my [Camelia's] fault.

We recorded an episode with a very special guest, Andrew Grathwohl, who has been mastering the tracks for this project. I had my first, and hopefully last, lost recording. Nothing is more devastating than sitting down to do some light editing before publishing some content to the world wide web, only to find it is not there. Sigh. I will attempt to learn from this for the future. Onward!

Jitsi instead of Zoom

I'm not entirely sure why my last Zoom recording failed. It was being very finicky but did appear to be recording as usual. I'm in the process of attempting to get more familiar using a Linux operating system, so it's more likely than not user error. In the past Zoom never quite worked right on that computer.

So, I'd already been researching alternate platforms so we could move away from Zoom's free tier to record the podcast, but I wasn't quite ready to make the leap towards a paid option.

In my opinion, even the professional version of Zoom wasn't a great long term solution, and the free tier was had the dreaded 40 minute time limit which is somewhat distracting. While I can only hope our bumbling around was endearing to the listener, I'm sure everyone has PTSD at this point from hearing any chatter about the approaching the 40 minute mark — from all of their work from home meetings over the past couple years.

With some helpful advice from our mastering engineer, I've decided to give Jitsi a try for our next podcast recording.

Some immediate benefits we noticed with Jitsi:
You can download your recording straight to Dropbox as well as live stream to YouTube. I'm still in the research phase of this transition, so I'll share more about this next week once we record our next podcast.

In the meantime it's a free and a bit user friendlier way to do video calls, give it a try!

Jitsi Meet
Join a WebRTC video conference powered by the Jitsi Videobridge

We're also working on getting Joseph set up to do live streaming and recording, so I will be able to share more tips we learn from that as well.

Megyn Kelly

Joseph Arthur has taken a good deal of backlash from the media and his peers in the industry over the past couple years. He is one of a surprisingly small number of popular musicians willing to consistently speak in defense of personal autonomy and free expression.

He had a well deserved opportunity to share his story on Megyn Kelly earlier this week.

Premier vs Premiere

I'm sorry, I realized yesterday I've been spelling premiere wrong (premier) for a very long time. Whoopsies.

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