Re-Thinking Touring

How do we bring personal autonomy back to music?

Re-Thinking Touring
Photo by Georg Arthur Pflueger / Unsplash

We're trying to build a world where vaccinated and unvaccinated, masked and unmasked, are united together without judgement or shame, by the shared appreciation of music and art.

We're frustrated by how difficult it has become for musicians to perform live music freely. Live music should not be stigmatized as unclean, or dismissed as an unnecessary luxury. Music is important and should be available to all.

There are tons of obstacles facing an artist looking to book a tour without forced mandates or restrictions. Do the musicians they're playing with with feel comfortable with this? What states and cities is this even possible to do in? Is it possible to book a successful tour ignoring some major markets? Are there any promoters or booking agents left to work with?!

We don't know either, but we're hoping once we start the conversation we'll be able to compile more resources and create real sustainable solutions to move music forward.

We have a sneaking suspicion the answer lies with increasing tolerance and acceptance of people who have different thoughts and opinions — and kindness.

For heavens sake, just 10 years ago we all voluntarily attended shows where everyone smoked inside — inevitably making all of our clothes smell like an ashtray, without a second thought or complaint.