Our One Year Anniversary

it is our birthday

Our One Year Anniversary

It is the MFA one year anniversary! I'm so thankful for the support and friends I have made working on this project.

It was quite nebulous at first but is starting to shape into something I'm truly proud of that I believe can continue to make a positive impact. Thank you all for reading and participating and for being so nice to me on twitter.

A look back on some highlights...

We made a T-Shirt:

We made a webstore:

to sell cool zines & music we like — more otw soon!

MFA Shop
MFA Presents: Various Loud Sounds [A Webstore]

We started The Knockout Program with Joseph Arthur:

The Knockout Program
On The Knockout Podcast singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur shares his experience releasing new music independently without a record label, manager or booking agent along with a variety of guests. Overcoming resistance More than just a musical release but a coaching program designed to show its operatio…

We hosted Robbie Bernstein:

[029] Amplifying Dissent with Robbie Bernstein
We had a very wholesome conversation with Robbie “The Fire” Bernstein about porches, PMA and PSYOPs.

We maintained a somewhat regular Mailchimp Newsletter:

⚡Music for All | We’re One Year Old! 👶

We went on a PODCAST:

Music For All + Our Brains Hurt Podcast
I talked to Ron Saccoccio & Matt Alive about Music For All on their Our Brains Hurt podcast! Give it a listen.

We outed ourselves as potentially problematic on our personal Instagram:

We Made a Spotify Playlist:

Discover new music from artists who are standing up for personal autonomy

*even though we lowkey hate Spotify.

We look forward to many more years of online and in person shenanagins.