Music City Venue Ratings

Music City Venue Ratings is rating Nashville, TN venues based on how much they value personal choice

Music City Venue Ratings
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Music City Venue Ratings instagram is doing an excellent job calling out artists and venues for discriminatory restrictions on live performances.

They've been maintaining a Google Doc to share their findings for both artists and venues in the Nashville, TN area:

Nashville Freedom Venue Ratings
Venues Venue,Vaccination Required,Negative COVID ,Masks Required,Health Checks/Social Distance ,Censors Social Media,Freedom Rating 1-53rd and Lindsley,Artist Choice,Artist Choice,Artist Choice,Artist Choice ,No,2.55 spot,No,No,No,No,No,5,*Acme Feed and Seed,Artist Choice ,Artist Choice ,Arti...
Freedom Bands/Singers
Bands/Singers Absurd BandBrendan BensonColter WallFaithless TownFive Times August Hi RexIan BrownJamie FloydJim LevyJohn RichKid RockMonsters Who SleepOur Last NightSecret SistersSmile Empty SoulSonic Universe Steel WoodsStruggle Jennings Tom SlessTravis Tritt

We asked them a few questions to learn a little more about Music City Venue Ratings and find out how we could contribute.  

What motivated you to start this IG account - are you a musician yourself?

My family and I moved to Nashville from Las Vegas  during the middle of all the nonsense. I was born and raised in Las Vegas. Nevada used to be the Wild West, but as of the last 15 or so years it has become another version of California.

We wanted our kids to be able to be kids and there was no reason work wise we couldn’t move. So we each got one suitcase to put in the car and we drove. Other options at the time were Utah, Idaho, and Texas, but we fell in love with the people and the charm of Tennessee — oh, and don’t forget the music. Music City seemed to be calling my name. I’m not a musician, but a lover of music. I was always heavy into the Vegas music scene casually and at times financially.

When we arrived in Nashville, I was shocked to find out that some venues in town — largely those owned or promoted out of CA, NY, or IL — had medical restrictions. I decided I didn’t want Nashville to end up like Vegas, so I created the Music City Venue Ratings Google Sheet. Thus ranking venues based on their adherence to medical restrictions and other propaganda.

What is the best way for folks to reach out to contribute?

I get people trying to help me update the ratings, musicians looking for gigs in non intrusive venues, and venues pleading their cases wanting their rating revised.

The best way to contact me to help keep the list up to date to by DM or just commenting what they know about the venue in question. I get out to a lot of venues, but I can’t be everywhere at once.

Do you have a favorite venue?

I tend to like the smaller shows better. I have found that most of the bigger venues change their protocols based on whatever is in style at the time.

I really appreciate you calling artists and venues out for mandates and restrictions online. Have you been able to persuade any venue or artist to remove restrictions?

The response has been amazing for those who love freedom, but there seems to be a limit of people who care.

There are a s select few who vocally disagree with this whole concept, but just like in real life I would say most people are apathetic. I have learned that the status quo just doesn’t care and are willing to do whatever whoever wants them as not to interfere with their lives.

It is always rewarding when fellow music fans, musicians, and venues reach out to me.