[030] Amplifying Dissent with BADITUDE

We talked to BADITUDE about the Northeast Ohio DIY scene, the CIA and an interesting theory about parasites.

[030] Amplifying Dissent with BADITUDE

This interview is part of a series discussing mandates, restrictions and censorship with musicians and music fans—read more of these interviews here.

As we are all well aware, comedy and art have suffered immensely in an era of rampant self-censorship and also actual censorship. But nevertheless, BADITUDE bravely persist. They have shit-posted their way straight into my heart, unapologetically fighting for free speech and expression, before it's too late for us all.

BADITUDE is Chip Dunkirk and Troy Bennett. BADITUDE does all of their own song writing, performance, production, engineering, design, distribution, public relations, viral marketing campaigns, video editing and so forth. Their initial period of activity was betwixt 2004-2010, with several DIY album releases and live shows around the Cleveland area.

The rude, crude dudes of BADITUDE
The rude, crude dudes of BADITUDE

They went into somewhat of a hibernation period from 2010-2020, with some sporadic output here and there, and then emerged when the forced collapse of society re-ignited the BADITUDE FLAME and spurred the rude crude dudes back into active duty because there was crucial work to be done.

Music For All: "Transition 2 Win" is pretty much a banger and also probably the funniest thing I've ever listened to. It's kind of unbelievable that acknowledging a biological male may be better at sports than biological women has grown to be so controversial. Has this track received the most heat?

Troy Bennett: BADITUDE supports our fellow DUDES in the Battle of the Sexes (Bros before Hoes, always), and we think it is HILARIOUS and INGENIOUS that dudes like “Lia” Thomas are like “yo, I’m a CHICK now” and then they kick girls’ asses in sporting events and then shower with the girls. BASED.

So yeah, our hit single “Transition 2 Win” (and also our other hit single “Commie Crusher”) was suddenly BANNED by Bandcamp.com, with whom we had an account for like 13 years. Bandcamp drew FIRST BLOOD with the inexplicable censorship, so we immediately cut a brutal shoot promo on them in a message to all our Bandcamp fans, and shortly thereafter Bandcamp straight up SHUT OFF our entire account, with no correspondence or nothing.

It is important to note that our official Twatter account was perma-banned just a couple months prior, because we were making fun of drag queens for being mentally-ill perverts and one of them went on a predictable WARPATH. So we clearly hit one of the most SENSITIVE sore spots with our mockery of men with gender dysphoria and cocaine addictions.

In terms of HEAT, I guess “Transition 2 Win” is the HOT one. YouTube didn’t delete the music video yet, which is cool. But here is WHY we are getting the boot from these platforms: BADITUDE is raising awareness of the Parasite Problem and the fact that some people are literally controlled by parasites in their bodies (Toxoplasmosis and brain worms and such).

Parasites are spread by contact with feces, and guess who has LOTS of contact with feces... Yeah, it all makes sense now. In a tweet that got BADITUDE suspended, we basically said that trannies / drag queens / parasite-controlled entities are the “SHOCK TROOPS of the KALI YUGA” on the front line of bringing about State-sanctioned chaos while getting off on the dopamine rush (it’s like POPPERS for them).

To recap: the Silicon Valley tech shit companies are riddled with these EXACT kinds of insane, anime-addicted parasite monsters, who have the power to ban the wrong-thinkers at will. The “Terms of Service” are purposely vague and meant to be manipulated by these gender dysphoric psychopaths on staff.

MFA: Everyone I speak to is on different levels of having thought about this, if at all — but I've gone pretty deep down the rabbit hole, and at this point and am lowkey convinced that most if not all popular counter culture movements are at some point absorbed into the propaganda arm of the State. What has been your experience with this obvious decline in principals of free expression and personal autonomy in so called anti-establishment spaces?

Troy: So it’s starting to look more and more like a lot of PUNK ROCK was a CIA-backed psy-op. For instance: It’s WEIRD how the straightedge thing really took off in WASHINGTON DC, don’t ya think? The Mackaye family is an extremely suspicious bunch. Also, modern art and abstract expressionism have been proven to be CIA shit (and also money laundering schemes). BEATLEMANIA absolutely glowed in the dark. And what the fuck was up with that whole GRUNGE thing?? What did Kurt KNOW? Why did Tower 7 collapse??

BADITUDE looks FONDLY back upon our beginnings, when the Internet was a completely different THING and smartphones were not even a thing. MYSPACE.COM was crucial for the establishment of BADITUDE… we had a blast using that platform, posting our earliest songs, EASILY networking with other bros locally and abroad, writing BASED blog posts, and just RAISING HELL.

It was an EXCITING time for free expression and humor. To an extent, we were a part of SOMETHING, but it was nebulous and didn’t really have limits nor worries of censorship. We happily performed at Cleveland dive bars for a handful of people… now these dive bars are closed! And the legendary “Phantasy music complex” in Cleveland, where we did several performances many years ago and had a good relationship with the former owner, has been bought out by fuckin’ QUEERS and is now an actual DANGER ZONE full of PARASITES and creepy ideologies.

MFA: We think some sort of decentralized "music industry" situation is the best way forward, but the most obvious problem is growing a fanbase. Have you had any success in your local community with house shows etc? What is the DIY situation in Ohio currently?

Troy: As of our reboot in 2020, we haven’t even bothered looking into the Northeast Ohio DIY scene. For a bit, there was no point! The Wuhan Bat Flu hysteria killed everything for a stretch of time. We ALMOST did a show in Summer 2021 at a dive bar, but electrical problems stopped it (a.k.a. We were likely sabotaged by federal agents).

So we are kinda STUCK and trying to figure out if there actually is a worthwhile DIY scene that could handle the raw power of BADITUDE and also DOES NOT require us to spend time with Zuckerface's META bullshit, which totally sucks.

I did hear rumor of a sort of “scene” in the Akron area, but I ain’t got no contacts there no more, so who knows. And we have personal standards, so we won’t be putting up with any flabby NERDS who espouse the Chthonic State Ideologies about "safety" and "oppression" and the usual assortment of quasi-commie retard shit.

If / when we perform, it’s gonna be problematic and hate-based and the 5 attendants (family & friends) will have to remember that humor exists and it’s okay to laugh at dumb shit while being MACHO. I guess we just need some COHORTS with which to strategize and make shit happen, like in Ye Olde Days (before The Polar Shift of 2012)!

Thank you for reading!

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