MFA PRESENTS: A Conversation with Andrew Grathwohl of Sonic Multiplicities

We talked to Andrew Grathwohl about his friendly AI music project Sonic Multiplicities

MFA PRESENTS: A Conversation with Andrew Grathwohl of Sonic Multiplicities

‌‌This interview is part of a series discussing mandates, restrictions and censorship on art and music read more of these interviews here.

We talked to composer and audio engineer Andrew Grathwohl about his friendly AI project Sonic Multiplicities. He just released a new live recording called "Delegated Powers/ Crimes Committed", available now on all your favorite evil streaming platforms as well as on their website:

Delegated Powers / Crimes Committed
A 2023 Sonic Multiplicities recording, performed by Garrett Semmelink on the violin & melodica & percussion. Catalog number SM012.

Sonic Multiplicities is empowering solo musicians by providing unique improvisational experiences using artificial intelligence software. SM is an effort to construct a unified, broadened musical consciousness out of today’s technologies of war, in order to help propel elite instrumentalists’ capabilities towards the outer-most reaches of their musical aptitude and expressivity.

Grathwohl believes computers should be utilized to innovate and challenge, rather than further simplify audio work flows for producers and musicians.

Listen / watch to our interview here!

00:00 - what is sonic multiplicities
15:30 - nerds ruined everything
25:00 - the bandcamp we deserve
26:56 - challenging music
28:49 - decentralization
32:00 - did kenny g destroy jazz
34:00 - State funding
40:47 - Sonic Multiplicities 2.0: "Delegated Powers / Crimes Committed (Live)"

You can also hear Andrew talk about this project and his thoughts about music and technology on the Blackbird podcast with James Jenneman