In current language, "witch-hunt" metaphorically means an investigation with the real purpose of intimidating political opponents.


Everybody is miserable and looking for someone to blame. The people who are not miserable are naturally being scapegoated. At the core of the issues we're facing today — is a class war disguised as a disagreement over how to treat a respiratory illness. This isn't the first time there has been an attack on holistic medicine and reason.

In current language, "witch-hunt" metaphorically means an investigation that is usually conducted with much publicity, supposedly to uncover subversive activity, disloyalty, and so on, but with the real purpose of intimidating political opponents

At first, I thought comparing the devout followers of the covid protocols to a religion was hyperbolic. However, after the onslaught of people becoming sick in the Winter of 2021, immediately after receiving their third vaccine and still expressing gratitude for the same rituals that potentially caused their illness – it's hard to ignore.

It doesn't matter what you actually do to live a healthy life, as long as you present yourself as a devout follower of this faith. Go to a party with your friends, go on an unmasked date with a stranger, travel to Florida on vacation – but don't make it public. Most importantly, when anyone complains about the difficulties they're having with these rules and regulations, how it's destroying their life or making them suicidal – be sure to be dismissive. The ultimate sign of purity and superiority.

The Branch Covidians™ are totally fine, because nothing has actually changed for these members. They aren't doing anything that differently than before. They welcomed more excuses to do a bad job or be anti-social. We're in a prolonged version of 'getting away with not doing your homework because the teacher was out sick'. For the first time in my lifetime, everyone is too distracted, and people are rewarded for doing absolutely nothing. Instead of learning a new skill or fighting for personal choice and their own freedom, the Covidians dug their heels into an insane narrative that is now going down in flames, but they still can't quit. They can't help themselves.

Signal your class by insisting a 2 year old wears an N95 mask, refuse to go to dinner with your friends, or bail on an obligation at the last minute because you suddenly realized you don't "feel safe".

This is the actual plague — the cultural rot being celebrated in the name of safety. This is all there is left. If we want to survive, we have to think outside of the existing systems. The existing systems don't want us. They don't want creators, they don't want innovation. They want us gone because we highlight their failures.

To quote the great Michael Malice: "They want you dead but will settle for your submission."

The dissidents are being rounded up, either by forcing them out of work with vaccine mandates, pushing them into crippling depression or suicide, and separating them from their families and friends via social stigma.

Make no mistake, this is a war. But if you're creating anything — you are winning. We are winning.